The CC-IUCN Board of Directors for 2020:

Executive Committee

Lisa McLaughlin, CCIUCN President

VP of Conservation Policy and Planning, Nature Conservancy of Canada

I joined the CCIUCN because I want to help advance conservation and the protection of nature in Canada, and globally.  The CCIUCN reflects my beliefs that we are better together and we can address issues and advance opportunities by engaging directly with communities, governments, businesses and individuals. 

My twitter handle is: @LisaMcL_NCC

James Bartram, CCIUCN Vice-President

I joined the CCIUCN because it’s a great opportunity for genuine collective impact across Government, NGO and corporate leadership.

Dawn Carr, CCIUCN Secretary

Executive Director, Canadian Parks Council

I joined the CCIUCN because the wonderful individuals and organizations that make up the CCIUCN have the reach and influence to effect positive conservation action at scale and through collective impact!

Meg Beckel, CCIUCN Treasurer

President & CEO, Canadian Museum of Nature

I joined the CCIUCN because I believe natural history museums should play a higher profile and more engaged role in the work of IUCN nationally and internationally. 

Board Members

Eli Enns, CCIUCN Director

Robin Lawson, CCIUCN Director

Lauren Rae, CCIUCN Director

Dana Reiter PhD, CCIUCN Director

Renée Sauvé, CCIUCN Director

Lisa Young, CCIUCN Director

Christina Jenness, CCIUCN Secretariat